The Miscellany Crossword: “ConGRADulations!!”


  1. Goes off 
  2. Church recess 
  3. Outlook service 
  4. Things 
  5. _____ of 32A, May 21st honorees 
  6. Ox 
  7. Digitize a document 
  8. Laughing animals 
  9. Big _____ (David Ortiz) 
  10. Graduation outfit 
  11. Bad comparison to oranges 
  12. Black and white cookie 
  13. Munched on 
  14. 12A of _____, May 21st honorees 
  15. Underlying foundation 
  16. Eyedrops? 
  17. Small water globule 
  18. Devil alternative 



  1. Engine action 
  2. Reddit Q&A 
  3. Lil _____ X 
  4. Shakespearean contraction 
  5. Enthusiastic slangy encouragement 
  6. Georgia hub 
  7. Tiny green vegetable 
  8. iMessage alternative 
  9. First initial of the author of this crossword 
  10. Gross 
  11. Sports cheer 
  12. Relaxation station 
  13. Graduation hat 
  14. Phone download 
  15. Nada 
  16. “The _____ and the Id,” Freud novel 
  17. Neither partner 
  18. Shock 
  19. _____-cone 
  20. Chows down 
  21. Pig place 
  22. _____ James, “I’d Rather Go Blind” singer 
  23. Not yet decided, abbr. 
  24. Opposite of peace 
  25. That, en Español 
  26. _____ it in the bud 
  27. Rooster wife 
  28. Dirty towel 
  29. Palindromic poetic contraction 
  30. Subj. for bilingual hopefuls


Answers to this week’s puzzle:


Answers to Issue 11’s puzzle:

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