How to say goodbye to Vassar as a senior

Saying goodbye is probably one of my least favorite things…probably my least favorite. I hate saying goodbye at the end of dinner, at the end of a party and most importantly, at the end of the year. And even though it pains me to say this, I am about to come up on some pretty important goodbyes. College is kind of a sick trick when you really think about it. Not only are you paying insane loads of money to get a degree in something that you cannot see yourself pursuing (in my case), you are also put in a place where you make amazing friends and join groups that all of a sudden you have to just up and leave…kinda BS right? 

Now, in my column, I have already given my thanks to Ultimate Frisbee and my dearest friends have already gotten some lovely shoutouts to say the least. So I want to take my last Misc article to say goodbye to the paper that has given me the voice to air my grievances and reveal the aspects of my personality that I find humorous. Has my writing always been funny and well written? Debatable. Have they brought a smile to my reader’s face? Also debatable. 

Joining The Miscellany News my sophomore year was born out of a desperation to establish my comedy writing skills, and also a desperation to be found funny with a certain amount of anonymity. Recalling my first article, a series of interviews on how students would respond to a zombie apocalypse, I cringe at not only the concept but also the fact that I relied on almost anyone but myself to come up with anything funny. Three years later, I find myself in a similar situation. 

Now, that is not to say that I do not come up with any of my ideas. But, I will admit that almost every Sunday when I remember that I have a task of writing a Misc article I text almost everyone I know if they have any funny ideas desperately hoping that they say yes. I then tend to compose those half baked ideas into very simple articles that are guaranteed at least one chuckle. Which, I think, is pretty true to my personality and my attitude toward academics. 

So it is with this, this article that was frantically written on a Saturday afternoon while a party is being hosted outside my house, that I say a very warm and loving goodbye to my column. To all five of you, I thank you for your loyalty. And to my mother, I thank you for your much needed critiques on my writing. 


So long, and thanks for the fish. 


Carly D’Antonio 

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