“Welcome Back, Vassar!” Crossword



  1. Vassar’s historically women’s dorm 
  2. Vassar Quad dorm closest to the Deece 
  3. Idea 
  4. Able to be shifted 
  5. Trap for slithering fish 
  6. The Western _____ 
  7. “When are you going to be here?” 
  8. Vassar’s first dorm 
  9. Vassar’s dorm with a Rat King 
  10. Vassar’s newest dorm 
  11. Times of calm 
  12. “C’mon man, that’s _____!” (Legendary LeBron quote) 
  13. Psychoanalyst Erikson and the 1560s king of Sweden, for two 
  14. Better than expected 
  15. Fruity dessert 
  16. Vassar dorm with a “beach” 
  17. Well-known hummus brand 
  18. Supervise 
  19. Equally profound 
  20. Short goodbyes 
  21. Vassar’s dorm that housed Meryl Streep 
  22. Little green vegetables 
  23. WVKR (Vassar’s radio station) runs this instead of a commercial 
  24. Show originally helmed by Blake Shelton, Christina Aguilera, CeeLo Green and Adam Levine 
  25. Vassar quad dorm with a tower 
  26. Like many bacteria, in shape 
  27. Future-teller 
  28. Vassar dorm closest to Blodgett Hall 
  29. Covers in juice, as a turkey 



  1. Aim a car 
  2. “Roll back _____!!” (fact checkers cry) 
  3. Baton runner, perhaps 
  4. Alley-_____! 
  5. Option at Vassar to take a class as pass/fail
  6. Org. advocating for STI and HIV testing 
  7. Loughlin of full house 
  8. Beauty company sharing a name with Shakespeare’s hometown 
  9. One plus nine 
  10. Headwear 
  11. Baseball stat 
  12. Football cheer 
  13. For every 
  14. Vassar’s version of this is called “Duo” (abbr.) 
  15. ER professionals 
  16. _____ Tai, rum cocktail 
  17. Doc _____ (Spiderman villain) 
  18. Company that owns San Pellegrino, Poland Springs, and Coffee Mate 
  19. The same as 5D, don’t forget this option!! 
  20. Forget about it, in texting slang 
  21. Yammer 
  22. That, in spanish 
  23. Lebanon’s neighbor, for short 
  24. Minecraft explosive 
  25. Third most populous city in Ukraine, sharing a name with a Texas town 
  26. Ash holder 
  27. Yes vote 
  28. Make a quick note of 
  29. Eggs, in Latin 
  30. Game, _____, match! 
  31. Mrs., in Spanish 
  32. Letter after arr 
  33. Adj. modifier 
  34. “Cursed ___ that did so!”, Caliban quote from the tempest 
  35. Aretha Franklin song with spelling 
  36. Peter or Andrew or James or Matthew 
  37. Commercials 
  38. Thurmond and Archibald of the NBA 
  39. Subatomic particle about 270 times bigger than an electron 
  40. Vaper’s device 
  41. Defibrillator letters 
  42. Tic-_____-Toe 
  43. “Slide into my DMs” 
  44. Round lip balm brand 
  45. The V of DMV, for short 
  46. _____ Wan Kenobi 
  47. Occupation 
  48. Long period of time 
  49. Use to be

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