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1. Action word
5. Simpsons’ bar
9. Network junction points
14. Soothing plant
15. “I’m _____ you!” (“I know what you’re up to”)
16. Alexander Hamilton’s wife
17. Tiny and cute, in internet slang
18. Sturnella (field-amusement)
20. Elevator inventor
22. Eminem song protagonist
23. Wings, in Latin
24. “When will you be here?”
26. Harden, as jello or custard
28. Members of an organized crime group
32. _____ at Delphi
37. Short laugh
38. Alcedinidae (Monarch-trawler)
40. Remove, as a flash drive
43. Eel-like fish
44. Answers to charges
45. Geococcyx (Street-sprinter)
48. Founded (for short)
49. Make someone a priest
50. Ugly thing
53. Romantic first day of the wk. hashtag
55. Parental palindrome (UK)
56. Captain Hook’s first mate
60. Not first
63. Head supporter
66. Picidae (Drums with its beak)
69. Hanukkah money
71. CPAP machine condition, with sleep
72. What to do with a book
73. Brews
74. Contradictory slang contraction
75. Fifth year Hogwarts tests
76. Stair component


1. States bordering Maryland and Kentucky, for short
2. Muppet who speaks in the third person
3. The square _____ of four is two.
4. Value
5. Parental palindrome (USA)
6. Washington bills
7. Coup d’_____
8. Sprite, Coke, Fanta, e.g.
9. Not old
10. Cooking pot (Sp.)
11. Call (as a phone number)
12. Koenig of Vampire Weekend
13. Japanese rice wine
19. _____ a kind
21. Consequence of unprotected sex
25. All good
27. Journey
28. Not minor
29. Further forward
30. Stop or Yield, e.g.
31. Stupid
33. Language that uses physical movements (abbr.)
34. Sport that has a flier and a base, for short
35. Rental document
36. Prefix with –while
37. Protagonist
39. Color made by mixing white and black, in the UK
41. Early educator credential (abbr.)
42. Haircut where only a little is cut
46. Aunt’s husband or parents’ brother
47. Sleep stage where most of your dreams take place (abbr.)
51. What our solar system rotates around
52. Fatty acids found in some fish and nuts
54. Prefix with economics
56. Shift (as when in the wind)
57. Wallow
58. Long times
59. The Garden of _____
61. Change, as poll results
62. Color between blue and green
64. What a Gallic person might call themself, according to Julius 65. Caesar
65. Paul _____ (Swiss-German artist)
67. “Rub your stomach and _____ your head!”
68. Alternative to sts, aves, and blvds
70. Three make up a tbsp



Issue 1 answers.

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