Out with a bang!

Sadie Keesbury/The Miscellany News.


1. Opposite of subtract

4. _____-cone

7. One who served

14. Picture clue 1 (see page 15)

15. 20%, 18% and 15% are classic options for this

16. So cool!

17. Common lung infection among infants

18. Campers, or an anagram of 17A

19. Response to “Should I stop this from happening?”

20. Spooky

22. Palmer who said “I know it ain’t Thee Stallion!”

23. Ecuadorian archipelago, with “The”

25. Full-combat sport (abbr.)

28. Not _____ yet

29. Who you have to thank for an amazing fall semester of this newspaper, for short

33. Member of the house, for short

34. Ugly in Uruguay

36. Farmer’s resource

37. Salted part of a margarita

38. Service provider owned by Yahoo!

39. Archaeological site in the Peloponnese

43. “WAT?”

44. Suspicious

47. Picture clue 2, maybe? (see page 15)

49. Greek covered portico

50. Day off spot

51. Picture clue 3, maybe? (see page 15)

54. Put your hands together

56. Make _____ (speed up)

57. Abou-Rizk who 29A and readers have to thank for his wonderful leadership as Fall 2023 Editor-in-Chief of this newspaper

61. Prefix meaning all

62. A word that is a contraction with an apostrophe, and possessive without

64. Scolds

65. Tell an untruth

66. Fave fictional couple

67. Game of chance

68. Measurement of age, for short

69. How a horse votes no?


1. Zero percent promise on some credit cards

2. Illness

3. Grow

4. Las Vegas _____ (MSG Sphere location)

5. Cream brand

6. First contributors of online threads

7. Dr. Doofenshmirtz’s daughter

8. Fuzzy “Star Wars” creature

9. Prefix with phone or vision

10. That, in Spanish

11. Decay

12. Mon _____

13. Catcher

21. The UK’s sky fighters

22. Pond fish

23. Eel-like fish

24. Animal or plant whose DNA was altered

25. The fall of _____ (event triggered by Eve eating the apple)

26. Degree for a painter or sculptor

27. Vassar sports locale (abbr.)

30. _____ up (go silent)

31. Apt rhyme for fog

32. ¿Qué _____? (What’s up?)

34. Goldfish crackers mascot

35. Online zine, perhaps

37. Co-op outdoors equipment shop

39. 1,000 of these is one gram

40. Gab

41. Financial analyst, for short

42. Residence of an ambassador

43. Have

44. Where the train comes in

45. Lynn of country music

46. Ox

48. Scared squeak

49. iMessage alternative

52. Seating option

53. Underwear brand

54. Adorable

55. Judgemental look

57. Speaker brand

58. Disability department at Vassar

59. Framework pioneered by Kimberlé Crenshaw

60. Fantastic Scrabble word

61. Toilet paper sheet measure

63. Secret agent

Freddy Loew/The Miscellany News.
Carmen Skinder/The Miscellany News.
Brody Weiss/The Miscellany News.

Issue 11 Grid 1 Solution:

Sadie Keesbury/The Miscellany News.

Issue 11 Grid 2 Solution:

Sadie Keesbury/The Miscellany News.

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