Merrily we go around


1. What cats may sit on, in a rhyme 

5. Developmental league for the NHL 

8. Bothers with repeated calls or texts 

13. Will- _____ -the wisps 

14. Henry _____ (British king) 

16. Bud 

17. Multiple negatives 

18. Housing units 

19. Online exam 

20. Ambulance letters 

21. Fruit that should come in twos? 

23. Painting or sculpture discipline 

24. “How to _____ tie” (pre-gala YouTube search) 

26. Basketball/spelling game 

27. Aunt in Argentine 

28. Data storage spot 

30. Surprises 

33. Frog’s friend 

35. Greek prefix meaning away 

36. _____ Lingus, airline 

37. _____-Man 

40. St. alternatives 

41. Not against 

42. USA draft organization
43. _____ nutshell 

44. America’s Uncle 

45. Part of MIT for short 

47. Approximately 3.26 light-years 

49. Something to be done with papers or looks 

52. British bathroom 

53. Equus caballus 

57. 365.25 days 

59. “Uh huh” 

60. Fencing sword 

61. Enrolling choice at Vassar 

62. Steady _____ goes 

64. Show that might require one to 25D 

66. Volcano in Italy 

67. Protest type held on Nov. 29 by Vassar’s Students for Justice in Palestine 

68. Fancy title 

69. Overflow 

70. Narnia’s lion king 

71. Midwest winter hours 

72. Puts together 


1. “Impression, Sunrise” painter 

2. Level for protons or neutrons 

3. Hemingway’s “The Old Man and _____” 

4. French possessive 

5. DuVernay of “Selma” 

6. Deadliest land mammal 

7. Soda bottle measurement 

8. _____/her/hers 

9. Root that makes fries 

10. North and South continents containing 35 countries 

11. Errors 

12. Backdrop for 64A 

15. Simile setup phrase 

22. Answer 

25. Pretend 

26. Something to take an Advil for 

29. Kentucky Derby participant 

31. Charley _____ (leg cramp) 

32. “r u _____?” (you must be kidding) 

34. _____-5, classification of mental disorders 

35. “100 Years…100 Movies” org. 

37. Domino dot 

38. In-depth examination 

39. Appropriate place to say the title of this crossword, or what is formed by the colorful clues at this puzzle’s center 

46. Attempt 

48. Name that means knowledge 

50. Complained, as to a friend 

51. Deserved, as money 

54. Enemies, slangily 

55. Religious remains 

56. Catalog also known as the “big book” 

58. Wanders 

62. Mathematician Lovelace or Poet Laureate Limon 

63. Letter before oh 

65. “Are we there _____???” (car whine) 

66. “When are you getting here?”

Issue 12 solutions

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