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1. Bulk shopping “club”

5. One of four Pradeshes

10. Hudson Valley college

14. Olive or peanut, in Roma

15. Mexican sandwich

16. Antipiracy org.

17. Affectionate

18. Island in Jaws or -ville in a horror story

19. Travelers’ accommodations

20. Figure in Greek mythology whose name roughly translates to “manifestation of God”

22. “Brideshead Revisited” novelist

23. Watch and calculator company

24. Jeffrey of “Arrested Development”

26. Punk rock record label of Black Flag and Minutemen

27. November zodiac

29. TV station funded by “viewers like you”

32. Train tracks

34. Modern AAVE term for the oppressors

35. Have on

36. Prepend an “A” to emphasize the spirituality of this believer in enlightenment through knowledge

39. Soft and wet

41. One who sports brown robes and a tonsure upon their head, perhaps

42. First person perspective (abbr.)

44. Gram or inch

45. Common fashion neckwear

46. Traditionally feminine name derived from a siren of the Rhine

48. Wall st. debut

51. Arctic plain

52. Mendelssohn of classical composition

54. Greedy antagonist of “The Hobbit”

57. What many a parent of college kids has now

59. Difficult

60. Winningest team in Texas high school football history

61. Classical architectural square post on either side of a doorway

62. Japanese soup made from dashi and a paste of the same name

63. What one might do to a bed

64. MX÷V

65. River that empties into the Baltic Sea at Szczecin

66. Military rank, in slang

67. Behavior that might ruin one’s poker game


1. Starts to celebrate and ceases?

2. Hawaiian greetings

3. Italian vegetable soup

4. “Me too”

5. State home to Zion and Arches national park

6. Soup often used as a dip with grilled cheese

7. 2:Binary::3:___

8. Tries to

9. Sting or manta

10. Prickly shrub

11. Indigene of Northern Japan

12. What one did to the doorbell before entering

13. Small bartending unit

21. Put forward

22. Court

25. Creamy soup often made with seafood

28. Facile type of 45A

29. One of the four Horsemen of Apocalypse

30. Scrooge expression

31. Apologetic texting expression

33. Pose a question

35. Nintendo game system

36. UTC+00:00

37. Political and religious organization founded in Detroit in 1930 (abbr.)

38. King Lear’s youngest daughter

40. Bring together

43. Painter of “The Milkmaid” and “View of Delft”

46. Schlep

47. Not a Saint Bernard or greyhound

49. Female organs of a flower

50. Jamaican soup made counterintuitively with beef

51. British royal family

53. Make into law

54. Average Joe (Yiddish var.)

55. Domestic hand

56. British idiot

58. Muscle quality

60. Disease that afflicted Yankees great Lou Gehrig

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