Updeece Adventure

Image courtesy of Sufana Noorwez and Peter Nydam.


1. Building code for the Bridge

4. In style

8. See 45 Down

12. Upstate NY STEM school 

13. Response to bad news

14. Tennis tournament

15. Forum for inquiries, frequently on Reddit

16. Ephron of “Sleepless in Seattle”

17. Drains energy / poor fools

18. Neither dead nor alive, influenza is one

20. ____ Redding, nicknamed the “King of Soul”

22. Leave marks in copper, glass, etc.

23. Big sip

24. Little demon

27. Organic matter in soil

29. Small or intermediate theorem in a proof

31. Vassar printer driver brand

33. Punctuation marks that break up .csv files

34. Where cheese might end up 

35. What you might ask a stranger over text

36. Drug of choice for many Vassar students

37. Titular Jane

39. Early empire that spoke Quechua

42. Expression of understanding

43. Wipeout, or the result of a knocked glass

44. It’s inside your shoe

47. Consumes food

49. Laser gun noise

50. What this is

51. Crying, kiss, hug (textspeak)

52. Williams College mascot

53. Michael of “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World”

54. “Be quiet, it’s a library!”

      “I won’t.”

55. Government agency that sends checks during retirement


1. 2012 Pixar film

2. What doesn’t exist in “Mean Girls” math competition

3. What spaceship navigators might consult

4. Opposite of pros

5. Water, rearranged

6. How corn is planted

7. Cat-sized South American mammal with a long snout

8. What doesn’t gather on a rolling stone

9. Hoppy beer

10. Virgo’s month in brief

11. One of this crossword’s authors’ initials (plural)

19. “Star Trek” lieutenant played by Nichelle Nichols

21. What rugby built by the THs

23. What the imposter is

24. A vaccine does this

25. Full-contact combat sport

26. Je ne sais ___

28. Pieces of dust (esp. in a sunbeam)

30. Two-thirds of Beyblades slogan

31. Die spot

32. Nitroxyl formula

33. Important figure of Cuban Revolution

35. Festive round found on doors

38. Throws hard (slang)

40. Applauds

41. First Greek letter

42. Swedish furniture supplier

43. Double letter pair in the middle of a double reed instrument

44. Many sophomores arrived early to campus for this event, for short

45. Nickname for football school in Oxford, MS, with 8 Across

46. Mangy dog

48. One hailing from the Ln Str Stt

Image courtesy of the Miscellany News.

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