Time for a chop

Image courtesy of Sadie Keesbury.


1. Adolescent 

5. Darn! 

9. Human _____ 

14. College sports org. 

15. Nevada city north of Lake Tahoe 

16. Forearm bones 

17. Ripped 

18. “Ugh, _____!” (Iconic “Clueless” line) 

19. “I won’t be doing the tagging around here!” 

20. Vowel sound in mule, curfew, or chute 

22. Boot brand 

24. Hearer 

25. One of a hive mind? 

27. Early internet provider 

28. She, in German 

29. Document promising silence 

30. Bigger batteries 

31. Hill building insect 

33. Well-_____ (knowledgeable) 

35. Something to 71A to 

37. Not crazy 

39. What brings together sundaes, aesthetics and Caesar? 

40. Reason for a haircut, or this puzzle’s shaded squares 

43. Tell an untruth 

45. Once more 

46. Went wild 

50. Veer wildly 

52. Rounded building top 

54. Longoria of acting and business 

55. Suffix with social or opal 

56. Exam for counselors 

58. Mens _____ (criminal intent) 

59. Type of talk 

60. Vassar class type that builds community 

61. Making love 

62. Sirs’ counterpart 

64. Thin as _____ 

66. Coast to coast highway, for short 

68. Finished 

71. Move your body 

72. Many antidepressants, abbr. 

73. Give off 

74. Tree in the birch family 

75. Shock, mechanically 

76. Gains, as a profit 


1. Explosive 

2. Green prefix 

3. Widely referenced Vincent Van Gogh trait 

4. Itty Bitty 

5. Scaly beast 

6. Causes, or leads to 

7. Folk singer DiFranco 

8. Silken, firm, and extra firm 

9. Jumping material 

10. Jeff Lynn, Roy Wood and Bev Bevan’s band, for short 

11. Extreme 

12. Fresh Water nymphs 

13. Instruction from an ’80s time traveler teaching you how to be cool 

21. Civil rights organization 

23. Handed 

25. Pounding sound effect 

26. Water, French 

32. Satisfied 

34. Tabula _____ 

36. “Ah, got it”

38. When you get these, disregard what you were told to do before 

41. Incision and drainage tool 

42. Opposite of nightmare 

43. _____ move (side-step) 

44. Country with a flag of orange white and green 

47. Have 61A 

48. First name of “The Vagina Monologues” author

49. Mom’s husband 

50. Bug that emerges every 

17. years 

51. Last name of “The Vagina Monologues” author

53. Bully, to a kid 

57. Be 

63. Utopia 

65. Frozen water 

67. Airport org. 

69. Baby louse 

70. Aliens who might phone home

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