Literary Lovers

Image courtesy of Sufana Noorwez and Peter Nydam.


1. Sob

4. Horrified/Minecraft nether monster

10. Five vowels

12. Squished tart

14. Home of the wolverines by the Great Lakes

15. Oz figurehead dripping with charisma (plural)

17. Little fuss

18. Famous Dick

19. Electronic woman of loose character

20. Geek squad member with a black belt

23. What you say when you realize a canine friend is there

25. General surroundings (French)

26. Opera singer Andrea

28. Split or snapped, green or black-eyed

29. Dickensian orphan engaged in a romantic rendezvous

31. What you say to someone with a great lobe

32. Physician character who can speak to animals, and is also good with the ladies

36. Closest astral body

39. Snack, commonly dried by 36-Across

40. Goosebumps author

42. Player on the stage

43. Bivalves often consumed raw

44. Slang for photograph

45. Friend of this

48. Noitanimaxe

49. Five dice of a kind, multiple times

52. Largest artery

54. Enclave country in South Africa

55. Money/dough

56. Put a black and white cookie back together

57. Boston and Chicago teams


1. Iinveestmeent baank

2. Where we picked up keys at the start of the academic year

3. Doja Cat: “Get Into It (__)”

4. African music prefix

5. Silver-tongued

6. Foggy or obscured

7. Aritzia ticker

8. Relaxing destination

9. In a fatigued manner

10. Mother’s sister (affectionate)

11. Dorothy’s 10-Down at the Hollywood sign

13. Slangy school vacations (for UK residents)

16. After 23-Across, what you say when you want the canine friend to go away

17. Someone down bad with unreciprocated feelings

18. Extra-large center for computer repair on campus

21. “Drive”/“John Wick” genre

22. Juli’s eponymous street

23. Feminine version of 42-Across

24. Opposite of him

26. Red vegetable minus an O/ailment of the same vegetable

27. Method of taking medication

30. Where a sick puppy goes

32. Adjective for curtains or blankets

33. AFRS 248: ___ and Ethnic Group Politics in Popular Culture

34. Henry Cavill used to play “The ____”

35. Bear in Barcelona

36. Little sleep in Seville

37. New emails are marked this way

38. Bird’s home

41. Triple thunder lizard

45. Four prefix, minus an a

46. Little giggle

47. “Hamilton” actress Phillip-_ ___

50. Half of fly that spreads African Sleeping Sickness

51. Home of animals born in captivity

52. Tone these with a sit-up

53. Au in Acapulco

Issue 3 Answers:

Image courtesy of Sufana Noorwez and Peter Nydam.

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