Laurel Hennen Vigil

Laurel Hennen Vigil is a sophomore majoring in Sociology with a correlate in Creative Writing. She hopes to someday be an investigative reporter. When she’s not studying or working on the Misc, Laurel loves to read, journal, run, and hike. Originally hailing from the sunny climes of Oakland, California, Laurel is enjoying the novel experience of seasons, but misses being able to go outside between November and March without a parka on.

Heather McGhee chosen as Commencement Speaker

By Laurel Hennen Vigil – 6 years ago

Vassar College recently chose President of Demos Heather McGhee as the College’s 2018 Commencement Speaker. Demos is a Washington D.C.-based public policy organization. McGhee graduated from Yale University with a…

The scoop on Vassar’s Trustees

By Laurel Hennen Vigil, Dylan Smith, and Clark Xu – 7 years ago

[Nov. 6 Editor’s note: Following the publication of this article, a few of the Trustees chose to submit their own bios to The Miscellany News with further details that they…

One meal’s path from farm to fork

By Laurel Hennen Vigil – 7 years ago

The average American meal travels roughly 1,500 miles before reaching your plate, criss-crossing the nation’s innumerable highways and railroads to be processed, packaged, distributed and sold. That means the corn…

President Bradley inaugurated

By – 7 years ago

Hundreds of members of the Vassar community–students, faculty, staff, parents, alumnae/i and trustees—gathered on the weekend of Sept. 23 and 24 to celebrate an event that occurs only once every…