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K-Wave splashes down, sweeps students

By Ji Won Kim – 1 year ago

The lines of sentences and words blurred on the screen, refusing to settle in my head. The application in front of me was one of 120. I had to conceptualize…

‘Six: The Musical’ reclaims history via feminist pop

By Carissa Clough – 1 year ago

Divorced, beheaded, died. Divorced, beheaded, survived. So goes the mnemonic of the fates of Henry VIII’s six wives. This children’s rhyme has served its purpose in packaging history into memory,…

Political Roundup

By Henry Mitchell – 1 year ago

In Our Headlines… National Security Advisor John Bolton, known for his hawkish foreign policy views, abruptly resigned on Tuesday. The announcement came, as many do during the current administration, from…

Life in camo: One window into Taiwanese military life

By Brian Lee – 1 year ago

To your disappointment, my experience neither includes being verbally assaulted by Sergeant Hartman nor getting firehosed while doing flutter kicks on the pavement. While there are various systems of training…

Campus Canvas: Sept. 19

By Ariana Bowe – 1 year ago

Ariana Bowe | she her hers | media studies 2020 | “king of kings”