Steven Park

Steven Park is a Cognitive Science major with a correlate in Biology and Computer Science. Although he sees himself working in a robotics lab in the future, he loves learning about everything from gene editing to astrophysics. He sees science as the study of all things amazing about the natural world and views science journalism as a bridge between the scientific community and the general public. Check out his website:

Deodorant, perfumes contribute to smog

By – 6 years ago

When it comes to presenting yourself in public, one of the top concerns that many people worry about is body odor. I’m sure many of us have been given “the talk” during puberty and…

Is the Doomsday Clock legitimate?

By – 6 years ago

Somehow, 2018 has only just started and the situation already seems incredibly bleak. At least that’s what the members behind the academic publication Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists say. Originally…