Steven Park

Steven Park is a Cognitive Science major with a correlate in Biology and Computer Science. Although he sees himself working in a robotics lab in the future, he loves learning about everything from gene editing to astrophysics. He sees science as the study of all things amazing about the natural world and views science journalism as a bridge between the scientific community and the general public. Check out his website:

More quantum computing research needed

By – 5 years ago

In 1965, co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore made a famous prediction: the number of tran­sistors on a microprocessor chip, and thus its performance, will continue to double every two years.…

Students screw up Vassar Wifi hotspot

By – 5 years ago

After growing complaints about Student Secure’s inability to perform at the most inopportune times, investigative reporters at The Miscellany News infiltrated the Computing & Information Services (CIS) department only to…