Campus Canvas

Campus Canvas: Sept. 26

By Eilif Rønning – 5 years ago

A weekly space highlighting the creative pursuits of student-artists. Eilif Rønning | Class of 2020 | Geography Major and Chinese Correlate  Photography is my favorite medium because it is so versatile. Digital, analogue…

Campus Canvas: Sept. 19

By Ariana Bowe – 5 years ago

Ariana Bowe | she her hers | media studies 2020 | “king of kings” 

Campus Canvas 9/26/13

By PALOMA JIMENEZ – 11 years ago

I’m interested in creating a record of the feeling of being somewhere or with someone. Photography, though relied on as an accurate depiction of time and events, has the ability…

Campus Canvas 9/12/13

By ALEX SCHLESINGER – 11 years ago

Last fall I studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark and had the opportunity to explore photography, a huge hobby of mine, in a more professional context. As part of a photojournalism…

Campus Canvas 5/2/2013

By – 11 years ago

What has interested me most in photography over the last year or so has been the human face, and the different characters derived from its distortion. To me, when faces…

Campus Canvas 4/24/2013

By MADELEINE MORRIS – 11 years ago

In this piece, for a Sculpture 1 assignment about scale, I made oversized Russian nesting dolls or matryoshka.  The changing scale of the nesting dolls that stack inside each other…

Campus Canvas 4/18

By SOFIA MACHT – 11 years ago

I made this painting in response to an assignment for Laura Newman’s Painting I class, which I am taking this Spring. She told us simply: “Make a big head!” She…

Campus Canvas 3/28/2013

By SIDRA TAREEN – 11 years ago

This painting was done as a gift for my aunt. When I was in 6th grade, after learning how to use watercolors for the first time, I painted her a…

Campus Canvas


I made this piece as a homework assignment for my drawing class. My teacher told us to draw whatever we wanted, and have it exemplify our identity as an artist…