Start your summer right with these Arts Editor favorites

By Allen Hale and Jesse Koblin – 4 months ago

Film: “Punch-Drunk Love” directed by Paul Thomas Anderson “Punch-Drunk Love” follows Barry Egan (played by Adam Sandler), an unmarried businessman who struggles with loneliness, anxiety and emotional outbursts due to…

Looking back on Professor Linn’s work

By – 5 months ago

“I knew I didn’t want to teach,” Professor of Art and acclaimed photographer Judy Linn told me as we discussed her upcoming retirement from Vassar, her curation of a new…

Journeying through comics and graphic novels

By Allen Hale – 5 months ago

Comics and graphic novels form a unique literary genre often overlooked by readers. The delicately constructed interplay between text and image requires multifaceted talent on the part of their creators.…