Examining Artists in the Class of ’24

By Amaavi Miriyagalla – 2 months ago

As an incoming Vassar freshman who has been spending a lot more time drawing and painting, I have been eager to meet other students in my year with a passion…

Five songs for when you want to cry in the club

By Rachael Hahn – 3 months ago

The notorious meme compels us all to ask ourselves: Why am I crying in the club right now? Maybe it’s a Saturday night, you’re fist pumping to whatever song you…

Reviewer rests head with Car Seat Headrest

By – 4 months ago

Coronavirus came for our spring (fall? Shit.) semester and like manna from a shoegazing god, alternative music rained from the heavens to fill our shelter-in-place malaise. Fiona Apple delivered unyoked…