Marc Indigo delivers mellow grooves and Lo-fi moods

By Rayan El Amine – 2 months ago

He is posted quietly in his bedroom with an oversized gold chain wrapped around his neck. As we weave between intimate conversations about his music tastes and small talk surrounding…

Three Arts Bookstore serves as intimate time capsule

By Jeanne Malle – 2 months ago

 I could barely see Walter Effron peeking through the back of the tiny Three Arts Bookstore. Towers of books, over-stuffed shelves and a slightly chaotic desk full of papers hid…

Campus Canvas: Sept. 26

By Eilif Rønning – 2 months ago

A weekly space highlighting the creative pursuits of student-artists. Eilif Rønning | Class of 2020 | Geography Major and Chinese Correlate  Photography is my favorite medium because it is so versatile. Digital, analogue…