Deconstructing Art Department’s recent Notre-Dame lecture

By Madeleine Nicks – 9 months ago

[The weekly newsletter mistakenly indicated that this article was written by Jesse Koblin. The author is Madeleine Nicks.] When thinking about the great monuments, paintings and cathedrals of medieval art,…

Roundabout Ramblers expand historic band legacy

By Jyotsna Naidu – 9 months ago

Since the late 1970s, the Roundabout Ramblers have brought together professors, staff and students to cover Americana songs on acoustic instruments. With a steady rotation of members, each iteration of…

Laufey “Bewitched” me with her new album

By Grace Finke – 9 months ago

From achingly beautiful tunes of unrequited love to groovy melodies accompanying novel feelings, “Bewitched” is a standout record in the pop charts, recording the biggest first day for a jazz…

Gallery 40 showcases student talent

By Julia Pippenger – 9 months ago

In order to get a break from the hustle and bustle of Families Weekend, I traveled to downtown Poughkeepsie to visit Gallery 40. Founded in 2022 and run by curators…

Examining a new queer coming-of-age film

By Richard Lu – 9 months ago

The universe is infinite. Forever ebbing and flowing, millions upon millions of stars and galaxies exist in the endless cosmos. Like the universe, love, too, is infinite. However, love separates…

10 years older I must admit: I still love Taylor Swift

By Abby Kotar – 9 months ago

Like the average Swiftie, I cried when Taylor Swift announced “1989 (Taylor’s Version).” But, as any true fan would know, the announcement was hardly a surprise; it was an inevitability…

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