Campus Canvas: Nov. 14

By – 8 months ago

This week’s Campus Canvas showcases works by three executive board members of PHOCUS, Vassar’s student photography organization. Their photographs were displayed in the Loeb exhibit “Light in Phocus” from Nov.…

PHOCUS presents power of photography

By – 8 months ago

Dozens of student artworks decorated the iconic glass entryway to the Frances Lehman Loeb Art Center this past weekend, drawing visitors into the heart of the museum. These pictures, whose…

Womxn groups take back the Mug

By – 8 months ago

[CW: This article mentions sexual and domestic violence.] Down a spiral staircase and into a dimmed, (electronic) candle-lit room, dozens of people gathered on Friday, Nov. 1 to enjoy an…

‘The Lighthouse’ fuses humor, horror, homoeroticism

By Massimo Tarridas – 8 months ago

Thomas Wake (Willem Dafoe) stands in the lantern room, feeding his addiction to the brilliant white light as Ephraim Winslow (Robert Pattinson) stares from below. Painted on Ephraim’s face are…

Rountree posits world through surrealism

By Carissa Clough – 8 months ago

After living across the hall from Clay Rountree for three weeks, I began to feel like I really knew him. I knew that he is an amazing singer and that…

Campus dweller draws elderly NY

By – 9 months ago

Every Tuesday, Joseph Whang camps out in a study room in the Art Library, the one protruding from the Main Gate, and further enlivens his drawings. His process is unchanging:…

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