VCTV gets energy boost from fresh-faced members

By EMMA DANIELS – 7 years ago

A chemistry whiz and comic book fanatic named Theo teams up with his group of friends to take down a bully, Tobias, who has discovered dangerous super powers. This may…

Bold colors splash walls of Palmer Gallery


Step into the Palmer Gallery and you will find bright landscapes built through bold shapes and colors. On Wednesday, Nov. 20, the Palmer Gallery held an opening for the exhibition,…

Thor sequel a fun, convoluted adventure

By MAX ROOK – 7 years ago

When the first X-Men movie came out 13 years ago, marking the beginning of the modern era of superhero movies, no one was quite prepared for how that one genre…

About Time’s appeal lies in its subtlety

By LILY SLOSS – 7 years ago

“For me, it was always going to be about love.” So spouts the protagonist of About Time, the romantic comedy illustrating a young man’s inherited ability to travel through time.…

Weild restores 1700s court society

By JACK OWEN – 7 years ago

Corsets, swords, musicality and betrayal will transform the Martel Theater into a decadent Elizabethan stage for the Drama Department’s fall production, The Way of the World. The show will premiere…

Athj carries poetic passion with him to VC

By MARTHA LINO – 7 years ago

Cheikh Athj ’16 finds it important to constantly have a piece of his culture with him. Through his many interests, from poetry, music, the African Diaspora to modern dance, Athj…

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