Exploring U.S. health care in “Health Economics”

By William Sorge – 5 days ago

As a political science major pursuing a correlate in economics, I am deeply interested in the interplay between economic systems and other areas of society. ECON 220: “Health Economics,” taught…

Underlining architectural modernism at Vassar

By Kai Speirs – 5 days ago

Information for this article was taken from “John McAndrew’s Modernist Vision: From the Vassar College Art Library to the Museum of Modern Art” by Mardges Bacon. The book contains a…

‘Priscilla’ gives a voice to an unsung heroine

By Carina Cole – 4 weeks ago

[TW/CW: This article makes mention of domestic abuse, drug use.]  Despite being an expert on portraying isolation within the female experience, Sofia Coppola was faced with a challenge when conceiving…

Boxtroll reflects on a Halloweekend night

By Luke Jenkins – 1 month ago

I found peace while taped inside a box. Dressed as the protagonist from the 2015 stop-motion film “The Boxtrolls,” I approached the Friday of Halloweekend with a lucid sense of…

History Department welcomes Professor Smyth

By Emma Brown – 1 month ago

Noel Smyth, Vassar’s newest tenure-track history professor, has always loved stories. He began his academic career hoping to write fiction. Now, he teaches about the stories of people who were…

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