Unitarian Universalists carve niche at VC

By CARMEN REINICKE – 10 years ago

Students use their four years at college for self-exploration, which, for many, includes figuring out where they stand when it comes to spirituality and religion. This idea of searching and…

Senior theses bring together History majors

By CHRIS GONZALEZ – 10 years ago

Majors’ committees provide resources and a place of community for students who share the same strong passion in an academic area. Comprised of sophomores, juniors and seniors, this committee fulfills…

2012-2013 student gift announced

By JESSICA TARANTINE – 10 years ago

This past Saturday at the Class of 2013 99 Nights celebration, the Student Gift Committee announced that this year’s Student Gift fund will be used to finance student aid. After…

Platt inspires students to enter public service

By JOHN NGUYEN – 10 years ago

Every year when studying abroad, junior year students become enamored with the foreign countries they encounter. However, in spite of their love of travel, very few consider the possibility of…

Students from Poughkeepsie confront hometown stigmas


While the town of Poughkeepsie remains an unexplored mystery to many Vassar students, some have been familiar with it for their entire lives. Though their presence is nuanced, students hailing…

Students, RCF propose sustainability initiatives

By DALLAS ROBINSON – 10 years ago

When thinking about advocating for environmental consciousness, terms like “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle” are far more common than “Lambscaping” or “The Plight of Wasted Light at Night.” Nonetheless, students, staff…

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