Confronting the horrors of the Raymond Haunted House

By Richard Lu – 3 months ago

With October Break coming to a swift close, students packed their bags and returned to Vassar to begrudgingly continue the school year. However, it was not a solemn homecoming for…

WVKR features a variety of new student shows

By Clara Alger – 3 months ago

Vassar College’s radio station, WVKR, provides a platform for student DJs to share their sound with an audience on campus and beyond. Acadia Lequire ’26 comments on the uniqueness of…

I spent the night in the Comedy Cellar: A review

By Max Norman – 3 months ago

Had I known that the Fat Black Pussycat cared so fervently about 19-year-olds not drinking alcohol, I would’ve put up a fight about entering. I should’ve seen it coming. The…