April 27: How to Use Your Lungs

By Allison Deutsch – 5 months ago

[TW: This article describes illness of a family member and discusses death.] With some homework, it’s easy enough: Just hand it in. Use your compulsory—no, compulsive—daily survey of the news…

5 notes about taking Ancient Greek at Vassar

By Mendel Jiménez – 5 months ago

If you had told me in the fall of my sophomore year that I would be translating 2,700-year-old Homeric Greek by my senior year, I would have laughed. But after…

Collecting Fragments: 24 March 2020

By Sophia Anjali Kapur – 6 months ago

The two of us sit at the dining room table, reading for class. Around 10:40 p.m., I turn over my printed art history reading and scrawl, “And what if one…