Lebanon’s youth take to the streets

By – 7 months ago

Echoed by nearly two million people, this chant, a quite literal “fuck your mom” to Lebanese Parliament member Gebran Bassil, captures the very core of a united revolution. See, most…

Pride, shame and stereotypes

By Nicholas West – 7 months ago

Veterans Day brings up many contradictory emotions for me. At the forefront is pride: I am proud to have served my country alongside some of the best people I have…

Do combat boots come in size small?

By – 7 months ago

When most people think of combat uniforms, motherhood doesn’t immediately come to mind. To accommodate this life experience, the United States Army finally made uniform adjustments suitable for new moms.…

Don’t thank me for my service, ask me about it.

By Romario Ortiz – 7 months ago

As I write this I am revisiting photos of my deployment that I’ve nested (hidden) in my hard drive. My tiny digital “suitcase of memories,” I call it. Like luggage…

Martial Musings

By Mark Savarese – 7 months ago

The following is a selection of entries from my personal journal illustrating my transition from the Marine Corps to Vassar’s campus.  December 13, 2016,  “In memory, the months that ensued…

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