Quite Frankly

By – 5 months ago

Hey Frankie, I’m very sociable and also single. Flirting is hard tho. How do I show someone I’m interested?  Sincerely, Horny and Afraid Dear Afraid (no, I’m not using the…

The Miscellany Crossword: Sept. 19

By Frank – 5 months ago

[Correction: An erroneous grid was printed with this week’s puzzle. The correct one is below]. “Yeehaw” ACROSS l. Mickey’s silly dog friend  6. a cowboy’s shoe  10. Wes Anderson’s canine…

K-Wave splashes down, sweeps students

By Ji Won Kim – 5 months ago

The lines of sentences and words blurred on the screen, refusing to settle in my head. The application in front of me was one of 120. I had to conceptualize…

Quite Frankly

By – 5 months ago

Hey Frankie,  How do I ask a guy to hang out without it seeming like I’m asking him out?  Sincerely,  Askance Asker  Dear Asker,  Quite frankly, people want friends! I’ve…

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