Speaking silently

By Tes Moulton – 7 months ago

The sun erupts from the east over the tiny cul-de-sac in South Glens Falls, New York. The air fills with the sounds of children playing and coffee having been brewed…

Tight-knit Knitwits interweave community with charity

By Janet Song – 7 months ago

Knitting needles clink against each other in the quiet ambience of Joss Parlor. Among others comfortably slouched around a circle of couches, two girls, dressed as Barnacle Boy and Mermaid…


By Anonymous – 7 months ago

Women often pay the price of war  What couldn’t happen to her just opened the door  His hands, his weight, his rage  His power and assertion over her  All his…

And you wonder is it love or war

By Jana Clavenger – 7 months ago

You close your eyes  See casket flowers  Hear the saying in your head  ‘All is fair in love and war’  But what is not  We do not talk about  We…

Google claims quantum supremacy

By – 7 months ago

Revolution is a term that inspires both hope and fear, but for the most part, the world has embraced the information revolution we currently live in. Despite the problems that…

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