Eid-Diwali an interfaith celebration


Lighting candles, enjoying food and making laughter, Vassar students celebrated Diwali and Eid al-Adha, two of the most popular holidays in Hindu and Islamic cultures and faiths, respectively. The event…

SOCT to address student concerns

By AJA SAALFELD – 7 years ago

Most colleges have some form of behavioral monitoring systems in place that discuss and respond to students the school deems concerning, and Vassar is no different with its Student of…

Café worthy addition to off-campus dining repertoire

By JESSICA TARANTINE – 7 years ago

Tucked away on Lagrange Avenue, Saigon Café sits at number 6A, right next to Tokyo Express. Although a small restaurant seating only around nineteen people, it presents an attractive alternative…

Metcalf provides students various counseling options

By JULIA CUNNINGHAM – 7 years ago

Fifty percent of students use Metcalf House’s counseling services at Vassar during their time here. The counseling services’ website explains Metcalf’s role as one of providing students support amidst the…

Local shows lucid dreaming awakens new perspectives

By KELSEY QUINN – 7 years ago

On Wednesday, November 6th, Vassar’s organization Mind the Music presented a lucid dreaming workshop in the Jade Parlor. The workshop was given by Tom Meli, who travels the Hudson Valley…

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