Revealing financial aid secrets

By ANNA IOVINE – 7 years ago

Though there are a number of mysteries Vassar students might wonder about on a daily basis—when the Terrace Apartment bridge will be rebuilt, for one—financial aid packages often remain the…

Conference joins psychology, social justice

By HAE SEO KIM – 7 years ago

At 6 am on Saturday April 6, four Vassar students gathered in front of Main Circle to go to New York City. However, it was not just for a weekend…

Lessons for life from a single day in Haiti

By ANNIE MASSA – 7 years ago

I shone a flashlight into Peter’s mosquito tent to wake him up. It was nearly 6 a.m.; we needed to place an early phone call to finalize the details of…

Giving to Extremes links athleticism, philanthropy

By DALLAS ROBINSON – 7 years ago

Some students play sports to compete, some play to stay in shape and still others play for the sheer love of the game. Though sports are largely a personal endeavor,…

Student employees form bonds with toddlers at ITC

By HAE SEO KIM – 7 years ago

The Infant Toddler Center (ITC) works in conjunction with Wimpfheimer nursery school to provide daycare for children of the community or of faculty members. ITC is for toddlers who are…

Muhammad: racial equality still far off

By CARMEN REINICKE – 7 years ago

In the last 150 years since the Emancipation Proclamation, a lot has changed in the United States. However, as Dr. Khalil Muhammad emphasized in his lecture on March 28, race…

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