Humor & Satire

Cold, wet and eating Popeyes chicken

By Nicholas Tillinghast – 6 days ago

When I talk to people back home about college, they inevitably tell me they don’t know where or what Vassar is, and I inevitably tell them it’s an hour and…

Iron (Wo)man, and how you can be her

By Josie Wenner – 6 days ago

A little over a year ago, I wanted to donate blood at my high school’s blood drive. I filled out the forms. I got a little sticker. I sat in…

Exclusive interview features Matthew Vassar

By Oliver Stewart – 6 days ago

When Vassar’s first-year chemistry students unpacked the materials for their first lab this fall, they generally found just the things one would expect to find in such a scenario: beakers,…

Deece stops gluing cups together

By Benjamin Savel – 6 days ago

In a statement to The Misc last week, the Deece has announced the termination of their cup gluing program, citing supply chain issues, student frustration, issues with the supply chain…

Men’s rugby exists and they want you

By (Women’s) Rugby Fan – 6 days ago

I have committed a wrong that I wish to right. I did not realize that we have a male rugby team. In my defense, I’m not the only one. When…

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