Humor & Satire

The Shower Singer

By – 3 weeks ago

A girl by the name of Lynn Squeak Uttered sweet-sounding trills from her beak. But what a curious thing! When the loud water waned, You’d only hear hideous shrieks!  …

10 things about Vassar that ~just make sense~

By Allison Deutsch, Madi Donat – 3 weeks ago

Have you ever thought, “Why is this the way that it is?” And then you remember, “Oh, right. I’m at Vassar College, a highly-selective, coeducational liberal arts school in the…

Horoscopes: April 28

By – 3 weeks ago

Aries Some weeks you just check out. Some weeks you show up 15 minutes late to your independent study with a coffee in hand (not like I’m drawing from personal…

Magic Mike 3 to star Alison DiLaurentis

By Alison DiLaurentis – 3 weeks ago

Despite her clear aversion to attention of any kind, Alison DiLaurentis ’23 has been identified as “a diamond in the rough” by Warner Bros. executive Cann Fuckoff, the first female…

Horoscopes: April 20

By Anthony Lanzillo – 4 weeks ago

  The stars have told me that this week, you’ll open PB’s Sunday email fast enough to be the first to identify the Mystery Picture. The week after, when she…

Amtrak experience sends train connoisseur off the rails

By Alyssa Willeford – 4 weeks ago

This weekend found me traveling on Amtrak once again. Something keeps me coming back to America’s favorite (and perpetually slowest) railway company, whether it’s the cushy but slightly stained seats,…

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