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Horoscopes: April 30

By – 3 months ago

Aries Say what’s on your mind while it still feels raw and natural. Resist the urge to shrug your shoulders, to contort yourself into a lie, because since when have…

Horoscopes: April 23

By – 4 months ago

This week’s horoscopes inspired by Co-Star’s terrifying notifications. Aries It’s okay to not always do what is asked of you. / Ask yourself what your weaknesses are, and how they…

Horoscopes: April 16

By – 4 months ago

Aries If you were a fruit, you’d be a fine-apple. And if you were an object that is currently abandoned in my dorm, you’d be my string lights that don’t…

Horoscopes: April 9

By – 4 months ago

Aries Being inside can give you the blues. Go online shopping and buy some new shoes. Your birthday is marked by a social distance, so solving your problems by spending…

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