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By – 19 mins ago

Aries Getting a break is nice, but it’s always a million times harder to get back into things. This week, remind yourself of the relentless grindset by throwing yourself in…

Extreme Makeover: Redesigning Vassar’s Logos

By Nicholas Tillinghast – 2 hours ago

I often look at Vassar’s logos and think, no offense, that they were made by a bunch of losers from the 1800s. As someone who has seen many logos, I…

How to become an expert at procrastination

By Alyssa Willeford – 2 hours ago

Are you guilty of procrastinating? Have you ever looked at something and thought, “Nah, I’ll deal with that later?” Do you regularly put off till tomorrow what you could do…


By – 2 hours ago

‘Twas a matter remarkably queer That a turnip had grown from each ear, And to make matters worse He’d not see a nurse; The prognosis, indeed, was unclear. – Anna…


By – 2 weeks ago

Aries Being good at things is SUCH a rush. It’s really nice to hear that you are slaying. But what happens when you don’t slay? Not that you should prepare…

An ode to the benefits of having long, luscious locks

By Cousin Itt – 2 weeks ago

As the Ivy League Whorehouse, Vassar College is an institution at the intersection of utmost intellectual pursuit and absolute tomfoolery. The same could be said of haircuts. In light of…

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