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Roommates become indistinguishable

By – 3 days ago

With many professors opting to teach online and most org activities happening remotely, getting out of your dorm room can feel like a chore. With assigned sinks and toilet stalls,…

Horoscopes: September 17

By – 3 days ago

You feel caged in right now, but remember: That cursed amulet I gave you should get you out of any bind. Wait, you…you lost it? You lost the cursed amulet?…

Panicked senior reads a CDO email

By – 1 week ago

Senior year: the last year of college. What comes next? The Void? Backpacking through Europe? The Abyss? Moving back in with your parents? Who’s to say? Certainly not graduating senior…

A brief look at the summer

By – 1 week ago

It has been a marvelous week at Vassar College, as after nearly seven months of a mostly empty campus, students have returned to remind the Vassar Security team why they…

Horoscopes: September 10

By – 1 week ago

Enthusiasm will take you far, but don’t confuse energy for optimism. Allow yourself to experience all emotions, even the ugly ones. Without anger, sadness and jealousy, what kind of humans…

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