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October 28 Horoscopes

By – 29 mins ago

Washing dishes is so weird. Maybe we should let the dishes wash us for a change. Envision yourself in a sink filled with soapy bubbles, being gently scrubbed by a…

Cone Person

By – 56 mins ago

I live in a cone. Please leave me alone. This is my home; Get a cone of your own.   – Anna Kozloski

A Monster Grabbed My Ankles

By – 1 hour ago

A monster grabbed my ankles As I climbed into my bed. He pulled me down and under And shook my little head.   I thought that he would kill me…

The Art of Lying

By – 3 weeks ago

We all like to partake in a little fib from time to time. Whether it’s done for practical reasons or just for fun, it is a natural and common practice…

The Nature Report: Community Theater

By Nicholas Tillinghast – 3 weeks ago

I’d like to start this edition of “Nature” off with a bird count for the week: seven house sparrows, one white-breasted nuthatch, one titmouse, one blue jay, one cardinal, two…

Vassar students petition for change

By Sarah Kageyama – 3 weeks ago

Vassar students are known for many things: their tote bags, fondness for Marx and passion for activism. With the recent popularity and controversy over the petition for regular COVID-19 testing,…

The Waterfowl: What are they up to?

By Nicholas Tillinghast – 4 weeks ago

The days are getting shorter since the fall season has arrived. For those unfamiliar with fall, it is when the trees collectively desert the color green. Quickly regretting their decision,…

Sept. 30 Horoscopes

By Madi Donat – 4 weeks ago

ARIES March 21 | It’s getting to the point in the semester where I’m starting to figure out which assignments I can afford to skip. (If any of my professors…

Someone spilled salad on the third floor stairs in Main

By Nicholas Tillinghast – 4 weeks ago

Sept. 23, 11:58 p.m. That particular night, something unexpectedly struck a chord with me. Something tapped into a dormant anger in me. Someone spilled salad on the third floor stairs…

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