Humor & Satire

The Misc’s bedside astrologer

By JEAN-LUC BOUCHARD – 10 years ago

Aries (March 21-April 19): We all hear you passive-aggressively sighing over there, Aries. All that sighing won’t bring Macklemore here any faster. You know what will, though? Angry, hurtful, possibly…

From my microwave to yours: Easy student meals

By ZACH HERWITZ – 10 years ago

The following is an excerpt from the new bestselling cookbook, “Planning Meals without a Meal Plan,” Chapter 5: “101 Ways to Prepare Spaghetti-Os! (or Less Uh-Oh!, more Yum-Oh!)”   Bonjour…

Live-tweeting a NYC apartment hunt (#realworldprobs)

By MATT ORTILE – 10 years ago

If you’re familiar with house-hunting for a summer internship, you’ll know such an endeavor makes The Hunger Games look like child’s play. But after eventful apartment viewings, plenty of emails,…