Humor & Satire

Misc-adventurous Maddy livetweets #JobSearch2k15

By MADDY VOGEL – 9 years ago

While half my brain is still living in denial that I am graduating in 60-some days, thanks to my parents’…encouragement (read: nagging) and my overwhelming sense of guilt and fear,…

Romancing the Deece: a Miscellaneous interview

By ZANDER BASHAW – 9 years ago

As a social hub and “food” place on campus, the Deece is as mysterious as it is frustrating. When we sit down for an interview, the Deece welcomes me in…

Problem? All this snow Solution? Move that shiz

By LILY HORNER – 9 years ago

When confronted with a problem, there is only one solution: run away. But what happens when that problem is everywhere you go? And no, I’m not talking about your regrettable…