Humor & Satire

The intense and harrowing study abroad scramble

By Alyssa Willeford – 3 weeks ago

Have you ever wondered whether you could abandon the daily Vassar grind, just chuck it all out and start again in some faraway land? Have you ever wanted to try…

A Funeral Toll

By Isabel Stowe – 3 weeks ago

Across the world hear peal of mourning bells For our belovèd queen has last been felled. Our sex tree! Grief for Vassar’s majesty, Adored by all the classes ever known,…

An Oversized Menace

By Anna Kozloski – 3 weeks ago

There once was a girl from De Bilt Who exclusively traveled by stilt; She’d stride way up high And stomp passersby Then chortle with no trace of guilt.   –…


By – 4 weeks ago

Aries New beginnings are always hard. Sometimes you just need to listen to some weird music to clean out your brain. Put on some beeps and boops by a German…


By Anna Kozloski – 4 weeks ago

The soon-to-be-scrambled raw eggs Ran off on their newly grown legs.   – Anna Kozloski