Humor & Satire

An Indecorous Match

By – 1 month ago

The dancer, though dainty and lithe, Sports manners egregiously blithe. For she vexed the well-bred When she waltzed with instead That grim looking man with a scythe.   – Anna…

Horoscopes: April 6

By Anthony Lanzillo – 2 months ago

  I’ve heard the internet is abuzz with some sort of controversy this week. Apparently, somebody is mad at somebody else for doing or not doing something, and it’s causing…

Vacationing for total morons

By Alyssa Willeford – 2 months ago

Spring break has been over now for a few weeks, and many Vassar students took their first proper vacation in a very long time. The world is beginning to move…

Top 10 floors of Jewett

By Nandini Likki – 2 months ago

As someone who has lived in Jewett House for a copious six months, I consider myself to be something of a Jewett connoisseur. A black and gold groupie, if you…

Priscilla Pip Tootsie Piper

By – 2 months ago

Priscilla Pip Tootsie Piper Befriended a ten foot viper. Her only regret Was her fatal neglect Of the serpent’s penchant to bite her.   – Anna Kozloski

Horoscopes: March 31

By – 2 months ago

  Never fear, your weekly horoscope is here! Gonna tell you exactly how your week is gonna go. Give me a second while I read the stars … You might…

The mulch grows on

By – 2 months ago

The spring birds are loudly and proudly making their spring sounds, filling the air with a cacophony of cheeps and tweets. Although most are heard and not seen, the all-American…