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Weekly Calendar: 9/11 – 9/17

By CHRIS GONZALEZ – 5 years ago

THURSDAY, 9/11 11 a.m. Campus Dining Pop-Up. Let’s be honest for a second: your life is most likely incomplete. And the only way you can fill that void is with…

Mr. Gonzalez says ‘K, thx’ to 2014

By CHRIS GONZALEZ – 5 years ago

Whenever I sit down to write a humor piece I begin by crying into my blanket and thinking about all the mean things my daddy used to say to me.…

Lilian Doyle, Esq. passes down years of VC wisdom

By LILY DOYLE – 6 years ago

As my family, close friends, periphery friends, potential employers, professors and my hairdresser keep reminding me, I’m graduating from college in a month! How great. I have, as my Federal…

Humor editor only person alive never offered a cig

By LILY DOYLE – 6 years ago

I have never been offered a cigarette. Not a single time. Seriously, not once. If you’re reading this right now, and you’re like hey, Lily, we are close personal friends…

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