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Lilian Doyle, Esq. passes down years of VC wisdom

By LILY DOYLE – 6 years ago

As my family, close friends, periphery friends, potential employers, professors and my hairdresser keep reminding me, I’m graduating from college in a month! How great. I have, as my Federal…

Humor editor only person alive never offered a cig

By LILY DOYLE – 6 years ago

I have never been offered a cigarette. Not a single time. Seriously, not once. If you’re reading this right now, and you’re like hey, Lily, we are close personal friends…

The Misc says goodbye to best EIC since ’Nam

By CHRIS GONZALEZ – 6 years ago

Since the end of last April, I have devoted my mind, body and sexual appetite to a higher power, The Miscellany News, and as odd and questionable my decision to…

VC’s Sophie’s Choice: Beer or Meryl Streep

By JEMMA HOWLETT – 6 years ago

You know the situation: You’re in a Costco with your great-grandmother, casually stealing extra free samples from the cheese case. Suddenly, a thought strikes her and she turns to you…

2048 is probably the year that the world will end

By LILY DOYLE – 6 years ago

The other night, attempting to get some semblance of research done for a research paper that I absolutely should have started work on two months ago, but Netflix, I realized…

Weekly Misc Quiz: How to know if you’re VC #basic


#Basic is a biddie who is extraordinarily ordinary; the opposite of being “hip” or a relation of Meryl Streep. How #basic are you? The following quiz lists Vassar-specific symptoms of…

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