Humor & Satire

Plan a fun spring break for pennies on the dollar!

By Alyssa Willeford – 2 months ago

So, how was your spring break? It’s a simple enough question, and yet those six little words are enough to strike terror in the hearts of Vassarites everywhere. Simply open…


By – 3 months ago

Aries Running away could solve all your problems, or it could cause more. Sometimes causing problems can be fun, though, because it allows you to see new sides of people.…

How to beat the disastrous lunch rush

By Alyssa Willeford – 3 months ago

As a busy Vassar student, it isn’t always easy to find time for a nice lunch. With four classes, 40 hours of homework and 400 extracurricular activities to balance at…


By – 3 months ago

An exceedingly menacing maid Loved to creep through the halls in the shade. Whispering oaths no one knows, She’d leap about on her toes And take jabs at the air…


By – 3 months ago

Aries Getting wasted and feeling like death the next morning is OUT; refined, classy parties are IN! Next time you want to have a gathering, why not impress with some…

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