Humor & Satire

Harry Potter never had to deal with this bullshit

By CHRIS GONZALEZ – 6 years ago

I hate job interviews. In truth, I haven’t had a real job interview since before my senior year of high school. It was for this six-week art co-op program that…

New Goose Inclusion Act: addressing foul inequality

By JEMMA HOWLETT – 6 years ago

With spring finally here, you may have noticed the remarkable increase of Geese on Vassar’s campus. The appearance of this fowl has been met with comments such as, “They should…

The Misc Guide to: How to become a shadow person

By LILY SLOSS – 6 years ago

If you’ve been a social butterfly for three years or seven glorious months, you might find yourself wondering what it’s like to be anti-social. The following are some suggestions to…

Poor Richard’s Almanac provides wisdom for 2014

By JOSHUA MULTER – 6 years ago

Spring is here, which means it’s time to check your handy old Poor Richard’s Almanac for wisdom, weather forecasts, gardening tips and cooking recipes. Today, as I was leafing through…

The Misc Bedside Astrologer

By JEAN-LUC BOUCHARD – 6 years ago

Editor’s Note: Jean-Luc Bouchard spent a total of at least two hours studying and training in the art of astrological horoscope prediction. These horoscopes come directly from the cosmos and…

Seven necessary goals to achieve before graduating

By LILY DOYLE – 6 years ago

While I normally attempt to write my very real and never-in-any-way-fabricated diaries on a daily basis, my life over spring break was a little too jam-packed with joy and fun…

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