Humor & Satire

The next five years of your life plotted in Yelp reviews

By CHIRS GONZALEZ – 6 years ago

Your First Apartment 2.5/5 stars A little cramped, but gets the job done. Perfect for hosting approximately three quarters of one friend. The stove works only occasionally, about every three…

Pre-registration demystified: genomics, falconry involved

By ZANDER BASHAW – 6 years ago

Apart from the admissions process that we all went through to be accepted here, there is no system less understood than Pre-registration. Though many argue that ResLife’s decision to implement…

Game changer! Registrar adds new Fall 2015 courses


To all Students: The Course Catalog has recently been modified to reflect the late introduction of several new classes being taught in the 2015/2016 Academic Year. While you can already…

Clinton anounces candidacy for Main House President

By ZANDER BASHAW – 6 years ago

Hillary Clinton has recently announced that she will be running for Main House President for 2015-16. In a six-second post on Vine, Mrs. Clinton proclaimed that she will in fact…

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