Humor & Satire

Post-Grad opportunities for even the most un-hireable

By LILY SLOSS – 9 years ago

You may think (based on my two previous Humor and Satire articles) that I am delving too deeply into the fearful depths of “sexual promiscuity” and “alcoholism.” Classic mix up,…

Bad television is a relative term, OK?

By CONNOR MARTINI – 10 years ago

There are many things I do that are just utterly unnecessary. For example, I buy all my music. I always match my outfit with my underwear. And, I still watch…

How to make an infectious disease vaguely enjoyable

By SOPHIE DEWIL – 10 years ago

I spent this past weekend suffering from the horrible malady of pink eye—the highly contagious and widely feared disease that infects those who are constantly surrounded by various unwashed surfaces…

Exploring the post hook-up dynamic

By LILY SLOSS – 10 years ago

Having spent a rich three years and exceptionally busy two weeks at Vassar, I think it’s safe to say I’ve experienced the breadth of the “hookup culture”* at our beloved…

TA housemates attempt to bond through drinking, fail

By LILY SLOSS – 10 years ago

Oh, Senior Housing. It can go well, or horribly, horribly wrong, somewhat like trying to make a smoothie that includes vegetables. I thought taking a “new friends” route would work…

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