Humor & Satire

‘Harrison,’ the next ‘Hamilton’

By – 8 years ago

Step aside, “Hamilton;” there’s a new musical chronicling the presidency of another American patriot! No, not any Founding Fathers. Not ringing any bells? Don’t worry, the American ed­ucation system didn’t…

Odysseus laments his nominal link to the Odyssey Online

By ZANDER BASHAW – 8 years ago

I’ve been through ordeals that would be un­thinkable to you millennials. While you were confined to the library computers because you spilled Cafe Kilimanjaro on your MacBook, I was held…

Tasty’s homologue lowers standards for collegiate demographic


In collaboration with Buzzfeed, the produc­ers of the increasingly popular “Tasty” vid­eos (featured on Facebook) are working on a new project. The new series, wittily entitled “Nasty,” attempts to create…

Astrophysicists discover that Einstein was really smart

By ZANDER BASHAW – 8 years ago

Recently, readers of the internationally ac­claimed Science Journal “I fucking love science” were shocked to see that yet another thing they hadn’t heard about had been dis­covered. Researches at LIGO,…

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