Humor & Satire

TV series to reveal Misc’s production

By ZANDER BASHAW – 8 years ago

Today, filming started for the newest TV series “The Means of Production,” which aims to ex­pose the thrilling process behind the completion of the Miscellany News, Vassar’s longstanding week­ly newspaper,…

Managing familial tensions through petty board games


Maybe it’s uniting over a common activity, or, more likely, the competitive streak that we all share, but games have always been important to my family. However, familial tensions inevita­bly…

Quoth stressed students: “Nevermore”

By TAYLA PHELPS – 8 years ago

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered, weak and weary, Over many a lengthy Econ chapter that was quite devoid of charm— In my lib chair swiftly slipping, dreaming…

Do’s and dont’s of preparing for your finals

By KAYLA LIGHTNER – 8 years ago

Do: give yourself a head start on all your exams and papers. Your future self would thank you if that were at all possible. Don’t: procrastinate. The night before your…

I am number 2: student meets namesake

By JAMES PEDERSEN – 8 years ago

It all started with a mixup at the mail room. After getting that obligatory email, I picked up the envelope and walked away. Ripping the edge open, I pulled out…

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