Political Roundup

By – 2 months ago

National News… On Friday, Sept. 6, the U.S. Department of Labor reported that 130,000 jobs emerged in August with 25,000 temporary census workers added—employment statistics lower than analysts had predicted.…

First Year Gala fosters connections among students

By Janet Song – 2 months ago

Last Thursday, Sept. 5, Vassar’s Business Club (VBC) and Career Development Office (CDO) held their second-ever First-Year Gala at the Villard Room. The Gala allowed first-years to meet with juniors…

Confederate band to play at Chance

By – 3 months ago

After being turned away by Ulster County, “Confederate Railroad” was welcomed by Chance owner Frank Pallett with open arms. The country band’s logo features a steam engine flying the Confederate…

Where did all the womp-womps go?

By – 3 months ago

The womp-womp, known to the layman as a “groundhog,” is an endearing symbol of Vassar culture. But after forced relocations this summer, they may become an increasingly elusive presence on…

Holi festival of color kicks off spring

By – 7 months ago

Vibrant colors swirled through the air, blowing with gusts of wind and landing in rainbow smatterings upon revelers at the Holi celebration on April 27. Clouds of dust settled, coloring…

Letter to the Editor

By Miriam Rossi – 7 months ago

I want to start my letter, as Professor Hunsberger did last week, by thanking The Misc for writing the article on April 4, 2019 describing the resolution to demolish Williams…

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