The certain celebration of spring

By – 2 weeks ago

Needless to say, this is not how I pictured my last quarter at Vassar.  The first time I visited campus, I sat beneath the saucer magnolia tree near Ely Hall…

Time spent, homes built

By Jenny Luo – 2 weeks ago

I ’m a crybaby. My housemates Kci and Simone can attest to this and they’ll tell you it’s because of my Cancer moon. If there were a blacklight that could…

Spuds, buds and rock ‘n’ roll

By Ariana Bowe, Lucy Horgan, Meg Matthews – 2 weeks ago

When all is said and done, and our time at Vassar is long behind us, we will always have the shared memory of being in Spud Cannon. That, and the…

Our Love Letter to Vassar Quidditch

By Maya Sterling, Shannon Russo – 2 weeks ago

Did it happen at the beginning of our first practice, all gathered in a circle on Joss Beach, proudly declaring our Hogwarts houses? Or did it happen at team dinners…

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