God has no place in legislation

By – 4 mins ago

One hundred and forty-eight years ago, Myra Bradwell brought a case to the United States Supreme Court after the Illinois Supreme Court refused her application to the state bar based…

Visions of a culture in decline at the 2021 Met Gala

By Karina Burnett – 4 weeks ago

During the 2020 election season, I wrote an article about the commodification of political duty in response to liberals pumping out endless “Vote” merch. Although voting season has ended, this…

Requiem for Gen Z: How Gen Z Can Overcome Negative Stereotypes

By Matthew Little – 4 weeks ago

With the oldest millennials turning 40 this year, Generation Z will soon bear the brunt of intergenerational loathing. Just as other generations stereotyped millennials for loving avocados and participation trophies,…

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