The future is bright for graduates

By Britt Andrade – 1 month ago

This year as an Opinions writer, I have stayed firmly on the path of righteous anger and political debate. I have done this largely because it interests me, allows me…

Pain is Routine in Gynecology

By EVB – 1 month ago

I started taking the pill at 16. My acne was all over the place, and I needed the hormone regulation. A year later, I stopped taking it. A year after…

Growing political divide needs a bridge

By Britt Andrade – 1 month ago

This past week, the Tennessee House of Representatives expelled two of three representatives for breaching the rules of decorum. Reps. Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were both Democratic representatives whose…

Letter to the Editor: The case for a stronger NRO

By Lydia Freedman, Class of 2025 Senator – 1 month ago

As a Class Senator who sits on the VSA Academics Committee, I can say that we do important work in order to help the student body. This year, we introduced…

Self-deprecating humor hurts women in comedy

By Charlotte Robertson – 1 month ago

In 2020, the online educational platform Lectera published a step-by-step guide to teach women how to be charismatic. According to the article, there are several components of the “charismatic woman,”…

Tread carefully in Trump trial

By – 2 months ago

It’s been in the headlines for weeks. The Manhattan District Attorney has charged former President Donald Trump with 34 felony counts of falsifying business records involving hush money payments to…

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