Senior Retrospectives: Talya Phelps

By – 5 months ago

Talya Phelps is a film major with a correlate in educational studies. In her four years at The Miscellany News, she has served as Editor-in-Chief, Contributing Editor, Senior Editor and…

Vassar vet responds to moral injury lecture

By Romario Ortiz – 5 months ago

On April 25, 2019 Georgetown Professor of Philosophy Nancy Sherman gave a lecture titled “Moral Injury and Resilience through a Stoic Lens: Homecomings for Iraq/Afghanistan Veterans.” In her lecture, she…

Please, Tell Us More!

By Tim Koechlin – 6 months ago

Below is a poem written by Tim Koechlin; the Director of Vassar’s International Studies Program, a participant in Vassar’s Urban Studies and Latin American and Latinx Studies (LALS) Programs, and…

Professor of Philosophy examines Vassar climate ethics

By Jeffrey Seidman, Chair of Philosophy – 6 months ago

How should Vassar, as an institution, respond to climate change? Combating climate change is not part of Vassar’s mission, and Vassar’s financial resources are finite. So resources that Vassar spends…

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