Considering nostalgia: Watches tell more than time

By D. Lockwood Smith – 4 months ago

In the age of accessories like the Apple Watch, CGI-fueled movie franchises à la Marvel, and technological realities such as ubiquitous streaming or 4K TVs, it’s rather bizarre that our…

Campus Climate: Sept. 26

By – 4 months ago

We wanted to know whether Vassar students thought that the College should admit more, or fewer, legacy students. To find out, we asked around!  “I’d say fewer, because legacy admission perpetuates the…

Please, Tell Us More: Tim Koechlin

By Tim Koechlin – 4 months ago

Professors: What is a topic, idea, theory or breakthrough related to your field of study that you find absolutely fascinating or feel very passionate about? Explain why.  We engage history, mathematics…

A conversation on sexual assault, violence and PTSD

By Mackenzie Nielsen – 4 months ago

[CW: Sexual Assault, Domestic/Interpersonal Violence, Rape, Depression and PTSD.] I am writing this article as an initial step towards healing—which is not linear and never will be—healing for myself, for…

Campus Climate: Sept. 19

By – 4 months ago

Even though there is still over a year until the next national election, the political machine is in full swing. We wanted to know if Vassar students felt that their views would be…

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