A conversation on sexual assault, violence and PTSD

By Mackenzie Nielsen – 5 months ago

[CW: Sexual Assault, Domestic/Interpersonal Violence, Rape, Depression and PTSD.] I am writing this article as an initial step towards healing—which is not linear and never will be—healing for myself, for…

Campus Climate: Sept. 19

By – 5 months ago

Even though there is still over a year until the next national election, the political machine is in full swing. We wanted to know if Vassar students felt that their views would be…

Life in camo: One window into Taiwanese military life

By Brian Lee – 5 months ago

To your disappointment, my experience neither includes being verbally assaulted by Sergeant Hartman nor getting firehosed while doing flutter kicks on the pavement. While there are various systems of training…

Campus Climate: Sept. 12

By – 5 months ago

Over the summer, Vassar’s campus underwent extensive renovations, the most controversial of which have taken place in the Rose Parlor, Shakespeare Garden and Raymond house. What do students think of the renovations all…

A word from the Editor-in-Chief

By – 6 months ago

One hundred and fifty three years. A lot has changed in the last 153 years. Nations have risen and fallen, wars have broken out and subsided, civil rights have been…

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