Letter to the Editor 2/6/14

By SEBASTIEN LASSEUR – 7 years ago

Tired. That was how I saw President Obama during his State of the Union Speech. This speech was very different from last year’s, which was hopeful of big legislation. Grand…

Uber price strategy inconsiderate of regular customers

By JOSHUA SHERMAN – 7 years ago

Startups are always in the spotlight for being, for lack of a better word, new and edgy. They like to challenge business conventions (especially when they’re of the technology variant)…

Vassar students share insights from drone conference


On Nov. 15, 2013, 12 Vassar students drove down to Washington D.C., joining 400 others in attending CODEPINK’s Drone Summit, “Drone Around the Globe: Proliferation and Resistance,” organized in part…

Hitting snooze button not a more productive option

By DELANEY FISCHER – 7 years ago

We’ve all heard the saying, “the early bird gets the worm,” suggesting that early risers are more productive and get more work done. However most college students love and value…

Sherman perception misread by non-fans

By LILY DOYLE – 7 years ago

If you were at all surprised by Richard Sherman’s post-game interview last Sunday, I’m going to assume you don’t watch a lot of football. At least, you definitely don’t watch…

Ukraine riots continue to demand change

By ZOE RIPECKY – 7 years ago

Protests Escalate As Ukrainians Continue to Fight for New Governance In late Nov. 2013, people from all over Ukraine came together in the country’s capital, Kiev, to participate in peaceful…

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