Attacks on religion and faith ignore benefit on society

By LUKA LADAN – 6 years ago

Critics of organized Christian religion—for our purposes, let’s call it a belief in a Christian God that is characterized by routine communal worship—often revert to the same repetitive arguments and…

Obamacare rollout remains promising despite glitches

By NATASHA BERTRAND – 6 years ago

The shutdown ended and the shutout began, leaving Americans with no one to be angry with for virtually twenty-four hours before glitches in the Affordable Care Act website left them…

Social advertising endangers e-identity

By JOSHUA SHERMAN – 6 years ago

A couple weeks ago Google released a new set of terms and conditions for its network of websites. For anyone wondering just what this document is, a “terms and conditions”…

Anger can be cathartic for the oppressed

By AJA SAALFELD – 6 years ago

There is something that needs to be made clear—oppressed people hating their oppressors is not hate speech. It’s not violence, and it does not cause any real harm. The entire…

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