VSA must address unclear preliminary org process now

By THE EDITORS – 6 years ago

L ast year, the VSA voted to approve a resolution that decisively changed the process for organization-creation at Vassar. Beforehand, it fell solely to the discretion of the Vice President…

Social gains within India need greater reflection

By NATASHA BERTRAND – 6 years ago

On Friday, September 13, Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, and Pawan Guptawere were sentenced to death by hanging for the murder and gang rape of a 23-year-old medical student…

Admissions process forces re-invention

By ANNA BLUM – 6 years ago

Dear Admissions Officer: here is a version of myself created by me just for you . It isn’t quite accurate, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Sincerely, me—only a slightly…

Abuse of minority groups seen in U.S. and abroad

By MEAGHAN HUGHES – 6 years ago

Since arriving in Paris, I have become somewhat of an expert at noting the differences between American and French culture. But what started with simple things, like a panicked frenzy…

Political games between Russia and U.S. stir fears

By SARA LOBO – 6 years ago

Russia and the United States are engaged in a high-stakes, bitter political cat-and-mouse game, and nobody is watching with amusement . Each country is positioning who has more political sway…

Concerns of last spring continue into September

By JOSHUA SHERMAN – 6 years ago

Whether or not you can believe it, once again it’s September, once again we’re at Vassar, and once again it’s time to talk about the things that we’ll see making…

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