Current views on mental illness need renovation

By LILY ELBAUM – 7 years ago

Rape culture is a frequent topic of discussion and interest, but what about culture around mental illnesses? Plenty has been written about the stigma attached to mental illness, but at…

Tattoos seen as safe but could pose risks

By DELANEY FISHER – 7 years ago

Whenever people ask me if I would ever get a tattoo, My answer is no for two main reasons. One, I am the most indecisive person you might ever meet…

Letter to the Editor 11/21/13

By SPENCER VIRTUE – 7 years ago

In last week’s edition of The Miscellany News, I had the pleasure of reading Joshua Sherman’s article about low-voter turnout in the last election. Since I spent over two months…

Letter to the Editor 11/14/13

By CATHARINE HILL – 7 years ago

To the Editors: I would like to respond to last week’s article about the Student-Labor Dialogue pamphlet distributed recently on campus. I respect that the students who produced the pamphlet…

U.S. cuts don’t address our actual issues

By NATASHA BERTRAND – 7 years ago

Last week, cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program came into effect, marking the expiration of a recession-era boost to the food stamps program. These cuts will reduce benefits by…

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