Letter to the Editor 9/26/13

By ANGELA MENTEL – 6 years ago

Just because there is no Presidential election in 2013 does not mean that important issues are not at stake. Currently, the Dutchess County Legislature is proposing a $184 million jail…

VSA must address unclear preliminary org process now

By THE EDITORS – 6 years ago

L ast year, the VSA voted to approve a resolution that decisively changed the process for organization-creation at Vassar. Beforehand, it fell solely to the discretion of the Vice President…

Social gains within India need greater reflection

By NATASHA BERTRAND – 6 years ago

On Friday, September 13, Mukesh Singh, Akshay Thakur, Vinay Sharma, and Pawan Guptawere were sentenced to death by hanging for the murder and gang rape of a 23-year-old medical student…

Admissions process forces re-invention

By ANNA BLUM – 6 years ago

Dear Admissions Officer: here is a version of myself created by me just for you . It isn’t quite accurate, but I think you’ll enjoy it. Sincerely, me—only a slightly…

Abuse of minority groups seen in U.S. and abroad

By MEAGHAN HUGHES – 6 years ago

Since arriving in Paris, I have become somewhat of an expert at noting the differences between American and French culture. But what started with simple things, like a panicked frenzy…

Political games between Russia and U.S. stir fears

By SARA LOBO – 6 years ago

Russia and the United States are engaged in a high-stakes, bitter political cat-and-mouse game, and nobody is watching with amusement . Each country is positioning who has more political sway…

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