Sports Roundup: Oct. 17

By – 4 months ago

Field Hockey Vassar College 2, Christopher Newport 3 Vassar field hockey finished its rough week on Monday, as the team that had gone undefeated just three days prior lost its…

Why We Play: Fencing

By – 4 months ago

[TW: This article discusses depression, substance abuse, forced enrollment in a psychiatric facility and self-harm.] Full disclosure: I began fencing after seeing it on iCarly. My dad was just excited…

GM’s Hong Kong tweet reveals NBA’s true priorities

By Jaan Choudhri – 4 months ago

Maybe better than any other professional league, the NBA has largely held itself accountable to becoming a vehicle for social justice in our vastly changing political climate. Players have spoken…

New CA law prompts long overdue look at NCAA rules

By Daniel Bonfiglio – 4 months ago

Last week, the state of California passed a law allowing collegiate student-athletes to accept endorsements and work with agents, something they have never been allowed to do before. NCAA guidelines…

Why we play

By Cristina Lopez – 5 months ago

[CW: This article mentions death and cancer.] I first started playing field hockey when I was eight years old. My mother had played field hockey at Middlebury College, and she…

Kaepernick is face of a movement, history in the making

By Ryan El Amine – 5 months ago

Knee bent and unwavering, staring deep into the face of centuries of unchanging oppression, serenaded by the same “Star Spangled Banner” built on the backs of chains and shackles, Colin…

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